What is a landing page?

Landing pages are purpose-built web pages where site visitors land after clicking a link from web or social advertisements, email campaigns, and other digital marketing efforts.

Landing pages explained

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Online advertisements encourage potential customers to click a link to learn more about a particular offer, product, or brand. Once clicked, these promotional links lead to a landing page – a webpage built specifically to persuade visitors into paying for a brand’s goods or services. These dedicated pages are typically standalone or separate from a brand’s online storefront.

A landing page focuses on a single offer or objective, typically tailored to match the target audience’s preferences and interests. Marketing campaigns can have multiple landing pages depending on their respective goals. In most industries, companies use landing pages to generate leads through contact form signups that promise free trials, product demos, or access to webinars. In e-commerce, however, landing pages generally aim to push leads further along the sales funnel, win them over with deals or discounts, and turn them from being onlookers to paying shoppers.

Landing pages utilize various engaging design elements to achieve their objectives, including sharp copy, exciting video content, detailed product descriptions, an eye-catching layout, and a compelling call-to-action. Entrepreneurs can also use personalized discounts or special offers and social proof, such as testimonials, product reviews, and content from influencers to make a landing page more compelling.

The value of a well-crafted landing page in e-commerce

Well-designed landing pages are powerful tools for online entrepreneurs, especially those with Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) stores. These can give a significant boost to several facets of the business.

Merchants can utilize landing pages to expand their reach, improve customer acquisition, and generate new leads. For example, entrepreneurs can design landing pages with signup forms for their brand’s newsletter or weekly product recommendations. They can include special offers and discounts to sweeten the deal. Data from Hubspot reveals that creating more landing pages dramatically increases the number of leads from campaigns.

Additionally, customers who reach an e-commerce landing page are usually further along the sales funnel than most. Engaging with them and pushing the right buttons through landing pages could lead to a conversion, meaning DTC brands move products and grow faster. Figures from Wordstream show that effective landing pages can yield 3 to 5 times more conversions than the industry average for e-commerce.

Landing pages also provide business owners an opportunity to foster brand loyalty. Injecting an element of personalization into landing pages goes a long way in propelling a DTC brand’s success. Doing so provides prospective and existing customers precisely what they want without any fluff. According to a survey, 9 out of 10 consumers are likelier to support a brand that makes relevant offers. Separate statistics highlight that personalized calls-to-action perform 202% better than generic ones.

Merchants market their brands effectively with Cafe24

Cafe24 aims to help DTC brands flourish globally, which is why it provides merchants the tools and support they need to bolster their digital marketing strategies. For example, Cafe24’s global experts can assist with translating content into local languages, allowing brands to advertise effectively overseas.

The company has also developed tools like Edibot, a content editing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), simplifying content creation and customization of product detail pages, web ad banners, and other types of online store content. Meanwhile, Cafe24’s Specialized and Enhanced Realtime Admin (SERA) offers invaluable insights on customer shopping patterns through big data. Merchants can use information from SERA to tweak their marketing strategy, improve their approach towards their target audience, and accelerate growth.

Entrepreneurs can also use TasOn, a marketing service available on the Cafe24 Store, to send personalized marketing emails to their audience with links to landing pages. Merchants are free to craft these email messages as they see fit and set their delivery schedule accordingly. For personalized product recommendations, options on the Cafe24 Store include Dialogue and Groobee.

With these options available to DTC merchants, it is clear that Cafe24 remains true to its mission of propping up entrepreneurs to succeed and grow.

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