Cafe24 guides Influencer Commerce to success

Cafe24 provides the optimum environment for social media influencers starting an online business. It supports a scalable platform and sophisticated functions that enable influencers to avoid complicated migrations and focus on growing their business.

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Influencers pushing the boundaries of social media

Influencers are opinion leaders with a large number of social media following and whose actions tend to attract public attention. Lately, they have emerged as icons that spearhead new trends. More and more are leveraging their creative content and influence on the public to launch their own brands.

There are already many influencers launching and running Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) stores on Cafe24’s global e-commerce platform. 1MILLION Dance Studio, with 19.8 million subscribers (as of Mar 2020), sells merchandise through a DTC store built with Cafe24. In the same way, Korean rock band F.T. Island’s lead singer Hong-gi Lee also runs his online brand, SKULLHONG, on Cafe24.

Cafe24 is keeping pace with the Influencer Commerce trend by building an environment where influencers can easily transition to e-commerce.

E-commerce optimized for Influencer Commerce

Cafe24 officially launched its one-stop Influencer Commerce solution, Smart Mode, in June 2019. It carries 20 core functions that are essential in building an online store. Simple registration on Smart Mode is all that is needed for influencers to launch their DTC stores and get their brand running immediately.

In the meantime, Cafe24 is continuously launching new services optimized for influencers’ distinct selling methods.

  • Buy Now links: Outlinks that takes the user from a social media post to an online store’s checkout page
  • Sales Calendar: Provides a group-buying function, which is the most common selling method for influencers. Sales periods can be set by inputting dates, product quantity, etc.
  • Delivery Commission: This service allows influencers to consign even a few packages to a professional logistics company. It caters to influencers’ selling patterns of managing a limited amount of orders.
  • Edibot: An AI-based content creation and editing tool that automatically recommends product detail pages, ad banner templates, and store themes. Influencers can use it to customize their storefronts and convey their brand identity.
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Eliminating complex migrations for seamless business growth

Cafe24’s scalable platform supports brands of all sizes – from starting brands to enterprises. Thus, Cafe24 equips influencers with all the services they need to scale up. This allows them to start and grow within a single platform instead of moving between multiple platforms once they become a larger operation.

Cafe24 provides a simple switch between two different platform modes that cater to different business sizes. Influencers starting with Smart Mode can simply click a button to switch to Pro Mode, which is more suitable for larger brands.

In addition, influencers can visit the Cafe24 Store to download the services they need in the form of apps. These apps allow for maximum flexibility in setting up and running a business. If influencers need more specific functions, they can collaborate with Cafe24’s partner developers and web designers for custom-built services.

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