Cafe24 hosts successful webinar with influencer social media strategies that double revenue

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Presented by influencers with 170K YouTube and 160K Instagram followers
Revenue-driving strategies with customer communication and content creation disclosed
Online merchants’ rapid growth expected through influencer know-how

Influencers who are also succeeding as online store CEOs revealed social media know-how that can help increase revenue.

Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 hosted its ‘Influencer Commerce Success Story’ webinar on June 9 at 2 p.m. KST with over 1,300 attendees.

During the webinar, successful influencers and online store CEOs showcased business expansion strategies that use social media channel and online store’s synergy. The webinar featured CEOs Choi Min Ji of Habiunni, Lee Ji Hoon of Onepound, and Lee YeJi of Haselmode as speakers. They are social media influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and blogs and are also successful CEOs who run online DTC (Direct to Consumer) stores on the Cafe24 platform.

The webinar received positive feedback through its practical and detailed social media know-how to help increase revenue, including video and image content creation tactics and operation strategies for each social channel.

Choi Min Ji, CEO of Habiunni – a women’s fashion brand with monthly revenue of 1.35 million dollars and 170 thousand YouTube subscribers – shared her experience of seeing a sales increase through creative video content. “Video content formatted as a trendy lookbook led to a significant increase in YouTube subscribers and views. Integrating our online store and video content also led to doubled revenue,” said Choi. “It is also important to effectively showcase products on various video channels such as Instagram and TikTok by utilizing the new 15 to 30-second short video content trend.”

Lee Ji Hoon, CEO of Onepound is an Instagram influencer with 160 thousand followers. His method to doubling revenue and followers was strengthening product selling points based on customer communication through social media. Through friendly communication methods and his personal lifestyle social content, he is able to receive honest customer feedback and discover ideas to improve and strengthen products. “For example, we received feedback that our product was not very breathable because we were so focused on waterproof functions, so we switched to a more breathable fabric. We also found a comment that our clothes felt too tight, so we switched to mesh fabric and relaunched the product,” he said. “You can increase the conversion rate by showing that your product was created with your customer. To do this, produce content that effectively tells the story of how a product was made and why it was improved.”

Operation methods for each social media channel were also disclosed. Lee Yeji, CEO of Haselmode – a women’s fashion brand – is the first generation of bloggers. She emphasized the importance of implementing different operational methods for each channel. “Operation methods for each social media channel must be different,” told Lee Yeji. “Before product launch, all new products’ images are posted on Instagram, and only new products that need detailed explanation are introduced on our blog. After product launch, we re-upload more popular products on Instagram or create YouTube content to show styling tips featuring them.”

Through this webinar, online merchants will learn the social media know-how famous influencers are using to raise their online store revenue. Cafe24 will continue to support online merchants and those planning to launch online stores by providing similar opportunities to listen to various success stories and know-how.

“To online merchants, social media is expanding customer communication channels and is a huge opportunity for growth,” said Lee Jaesuk, CEO of Cafe24. “We will actively support online merchants’ rapid growth by sharing social media operation know-how and integrating channels like Facebook and Instagram that are effective for branding.”

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