Men’s fashion brand ‘The Action’ says content strategy is the key to success

How can an online select shop succeed on one platform? Here is a success story of ‘The Action’, a male fashion brand expanding its business with Cafe24.


#. Intro

I founded The Action with the belief that products should be good-quality and impeccably explained.
From designing products to delivering them to our customers, we engage in every step of the process.

The product should be the priority of the brand. I want to emphasize that content is what matters the most.

I am Junho Ban, CEO of men’s fashion brand ‘The Action.’

#1. Company Overview

The Action is a platform with a distribution structure. It is an online select shop that carries a variety of brands with different identities.

[INSERT CUT] “The shape of the bag should come out like this.”

At The Action, we emphasize different features for each product. For fashion items, we focus more on the texture or leather quality. For items geared for younger customers and students, we place priority on durability, lightness, and functionality.

[INSERT CUT] “This seems a little too big. We want it to be smaller. The accessories should all be plastic because lighter is better.”

#2. Company Point 1: Review Content

We make 90% of our products. From design to production and distribution, we get involved in every stage until the product is delivered to the customer.

We believe that the product should be of top concern. We try to be acknowledged by what we sell. That is what customers remember and come back for. It is more important than the store, and will continue to place our products at the center of our attention. The Action is committed to improving our content (products).

What has changed about today’s consumers is that they don’t shop on computers anymore. Instead, we are selling on mobile screens that are barely 3 inches, making it harder to see. Shoppers can’t physically see or touch what they buy. But we want to make sure that they are happy with what they end up. So I make product review videos that help customers learn more about the products before they buy them.

What matters the most is trust, but trust is hard to portray. That’s why I thought the best way to communicate with customers was to make videos where I could personally introduce our selections.

#3. Company Point 2: Overseas Expansion

We tapped into the Japanese market in 2011. We made inroads into China in 2012 when we partook in a fashion show.

The most important considerations when entering a foreign market are shipping time and shipping cost. Shipping costs can be overwhelming. So, we differentiated ourselves by holding inventories locally. This way, we could save shipping time, which led to lower return rates. We had an OEM factory in China, which allowed us to trim shipping costs and shipping time even further.

We are planning to expand into countries experiencing the Korean wave, such as Vietnam or Thailand. We have been getting business offers there.

#. Outro

The Action’s company name is Trendsetter. We aim to become a marketplace that introduces trends before customers even know what they want.

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