“Cafe24 Partners Day 2019” highlights

Cafe24 and its partners are joining together for mutual growth through the expanding e-commerce ecosystem. The “Cafe24 Partners Day 2019” event held for key partners in the web portal, online marketplace, payment, marketing, and logistics industries was a success.


Johnny Seo, CEO of Croquis Inc.

“A great company achieves progress while growing with the smaller companies around it. Cafe24 laid out a foundation for my company to grow and succeed. My name is Johnny Seo, CEO of Croquis Inc. Our company created the ZIGZAG service.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the Dongdaemun market. It is one of the most highly populated areas in Seoul, where many good designers and fashion merchants cultivated their talents.
For the past 20 years, Cafe24 worked with the merchants on its platform to bring the initially offline Dongdaemun market online. Thanks to these efforts, Dongdaemun flourished into a 14.6 billion dollar market.

Croquis wanted to contribute to the market by solving a significant issue. We saw that it was difficult for consumers to access a variety of online stores. Likewise, merchants had trouble finding new customers. So we launched our ZIGZAG service. So far, ZIGZAG has generated over 1 billion dollars in total transaction value. The majority of transactions are occurring in online stores powered by Cafe24.

On December 2017, we started our partnership with Cafe24 by opening an advertising service within the ZIGZAG app. We expanded that partnership in September 2018 to integrate product data within Cafe24 online stores through API. We recently launched our payment system, Zpay, with Cafe24. Shoppers can now check out of any online store in ZIGZAG with Zpay. Zpay’s streamlined payment system is causing many more transactions than when payments were processed separately by each store.”

Hajung Kim, Business Partnership Director of Cafe24

“Cafe24 will be focusing on three critical businesses for our partnerships in 2020.
First, open API that creates new businesses for partners through infrastructure expansion and technological advancement.
Second, the Cafe24 Store that accelerates partners’ business growth.
And third, supporting partners’ global business based on Cafe24’s platform expansion into Japan and Vietnam.”

Jaesuk Lee, CEO of Cafe24

“In the hyperconnected age, Cafe24 aims to resolve issues that prevent connection among business leaders.”

Kyu-Young Koh, ICT Head of KG Group, Korea’s No.1 Electronic Payment Company

“We hope that Cafe24’s vision and goal can be shared and strengthened with each partner company’s visions and goals.
Together, we can play a vital role in the global e-commerce arena.
Together, we can all boost our potentials and rise as unicorn companies.”

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