Cafe24 hosts webinar with Google, shares Google Ads strategy for raising sales by 36%

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64% increase in consumer time spent online due to COVID-19[1]
Boost product exposure by using Google Solutions
Decoview sees 36% sales surge through Google Ads optimization

Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 hosted its ‘Successful Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales Using Google’ webinar with Google on April 28.

At the webinar, experts from both companies shared marketing strategies that use YouTube and various Google Solutions, which saw over 1700 attendees. Enterprises, as well as prospective and existing merchants participated to listen in to the insightful presentations.

According to the webinar, consumer purchase trends have dramatically changed due to the pandemic. The new normal has caused consumers to spend more time online, now increased by over 64%.[2] Time spent searching for and purchasing products or services online on average now only takes less than 72 hours and is constantly declining.[3]

Jung In Shin, Head of Agency of Google Customer Solutions presenting the opening session at the Cafe24 webinar. Source: Cafe24

At the webinar, speakers shared brand exposure tactics. The key is to induce action throughout consumers’ online shopping processes.

Success stories using this strategy were also revealed. Hankki Market previously only used Google Search and Display Ads. After adding YouTube Ads to the mix, the number of brand searches (queries) increased by approximately ten times, and purchase conversions went up by 11 times. Another example is Centrum, who also only used YouTube Ads initially. The company saw better performance after adding Google Search Ads to its marketing strategy. With a mere 2% cost increase, the number of brand searches increased by 25% and purchase conversions by 188% in just one week.

Choi Jihyo, Google Operations Manager of Cafe24, presenting ‘Google Marketing’s Optimized Usage’ at the Cafe24 webinar. Source: Cafe24

Choi Jihyo, Google Operations Manager of Cafe24, introduced the principles of Google Ads optimization and presented advertising strategies based on the advertising operations of Cafe24’s home styling client Decoview.

“Decoview was able to increase sales by 36% in 2020 using Google’s ad optimization strategy,” said Choi Jihyo.

Noh Kyungmin, Google Operations Manager of Cafe24 introduced the method to improve YouTube advertising performance by using six critical letters: ‘C’, ‘A’, ‘F’, ‘E’, ‘2’, and ‘4’.

With a clear concept (C) in place, correct actions (A) should be presented to the consumer. Messages and elements of interest must be delivered in the first (F) five seconds. Sound effects (E) that fit the advertisement should also be properly placed. The key message should be repeated over two (2) times, and no messages should be inserted in the four (4) corners of the video.

Noh Kyungmin, Google Operations Manager of Cafe24, presenting ‘Creative Strategies That Lead To Sales’ at the Cafe24 webinar. Source: Cafe24

Cafe24 will continue to collaborate with Google so online businesses can continue to increase sales through advertisements and marketing.

“Limited face-to-face interactions from the new normal and change in consumer purchase patterns are expected to be opportunities for online merchants,” said Lee Jaesuk, CEO of Cafe24. “We hope this webinar will be helpful in increasing online business sales.”

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