Cafe24 and KB Kookmin Bank sign MOU to support merchants financially

Press release

Convenient financial services to cut sales payment processing & application times
Raising funds to become easier for merchants, leading to accelerated biz growth

Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 announced on July 20 that the company signed an MOU with KB Kookmin Bank to provide e-commerce merchants with financial support services.

Services include reducing the time it takes to process payments, simplifying the application process for setting up non-face-to-face service access, and granting loans to merchants regardless of their credit rating – provided that they meet specific criteria. These new services will help merchants gain the financial support they need more conveniently. By removing obstacles to financial services, merchants will be able to grow their business even faster.

Cafe24 and KB Kookmin Bank will collaborate to roll out more financial services that are necessary for merchants to do e-commerce business.

Jaesuk Lee, CEO of Cafe24 said, “The rise of e-commerce entrepreneurship is raising demands for financial services needed to operate and grow an online business.” He added, “We will work to produce solutions in various business aspects to support our merchants’ success.”

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