Children’s Fashion Brand ‘Ozkiz’ builds company value with own online store

Children’s fashion brand ‘Oz Kids’ has built its own mall to share brand philosophy with customers and build brand value. As a result, awareness is rising vertically in every year. Choi Chul-yong, CEO of Ozkiz, thinks it is better than any other marketing that the word “that brand is really good” from customers. Let’s hear what he thinks brand philosophy and customers are.


#. Intro

When my second-oldest child was little, he would tell me that he wanted to become a wizard. That childhood dream will forever be a part of his precious memories. I wanted to help preserve it.

I also wanted to channel my kid’s innocence in clothes.
I am Chullyoung Choi, CEO of children fashion brand Ozkiz that brings magic to life.

#1. Company Overview

I believe that children have endless potential, and how they dress can affect their potential. For instance, an 8-year-old should not be dressed like an 18-year-old. Clothes have the power to maintain and express a child’s innocence.

[INSERT CUT] This is one of our sleeping bags. We took a look around at children’s sleeping bags available on the market and saw that they have too many features that can cause discomfort. So we started selling cute sleeping bags with sleeves that children could walk around in.

Every parent wants products that are made especially for their child. So many children’s products are designed without much thought. We are trying to create things that are needed but don’t yet exist. People say that sincerity pays off in the end. I believe that customers recognize our good intentions.

#2. Company Point 1: Customer Service

When I started the company, my only goal was to make 85 dollars a month – which matched my allowance then. This year, we’re expecting over 8 million dollars in sales. But the important thing is customer awareness. Other companies see their brand awareness levels fluctuate, while ours has been continuously rising.

Our customer service team is called the Wow Team. I believe true customer service is about servicing customers in ways that they have never imagined, making them exclaim, “Wow, you guys do that?”

Shipping should be free, and so should returns – even for non-defective items. It can seem like a loss, but even the most expensive customer service is still cheaper than marketing costs. When customers are satisfied with your products, they tend to tell other people about their positive experience. I don’t see customer service as a cost. Instead, it is an extremely efficient form of investment.

#3. Company Point 2: Online Store

If you want to create the right brand and do good business, it is better to set up your own online store.

When you sell on a marketplace, you do not have full control. It is tough to communicate your brand values to your customers. However, with your own store, you can uphold your company values and throw as many shopping events as you want.

[INSERT CUT] We try a lot of different things when creating products that customers would like. We want them to be a gift that a child would love and remember until they are 60. This product (balloons on the screen) is one of our most popular items. When it launched, it blew up so much that all our staff had to jump on board to meet demands.

#. Outro

If you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed. I am pushing forward with that vision in mind.

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