“Strategic Seminar for K-brand’s Successful Exports to Japan” Highlights

It is getting easier for Korean fashion brands to export directly to Japan via K-fashion online store MORUGI. Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 and Japanese fashion conglomerate TSI Holdings held a joint “Strategic Seminar for K-brand’s Successful Exports to Japan” event on Feb 18.


Hiroyuki Watanabe, Director of TSI EC Strategy

“The size of the crowds gathered here today speaks for Cafe24’s brand power and the enthusiasm for the company’s e-commerce platform. Together with Cafe24, TSI hopes to help Korean brands make their name known in Japan.

TSI Holdings currently operates more than 45 major fashion brands and 1,000 offline stores both in Japan and internationally. We do more online business than any other fashion company in Japan and our business continues to grow.”

“The increase in smartphone and social media use today is magnifying the amount of information available to consumers. With this in mind, TSI strives to diversify our offerings so that we can satisfy all types of consumers with different fashion styles. Despite this goal, the rapidly changing fashion market is making it more difficult for TSI to please all consumers on our own. So we decided to extend partnerships to other brands to take our consumer satisfaction to the next level.

Today, Japanese consumers are looking to Korea to find answers to expressing their individuality through fashion.”

Yuta Morimoto, General Manager of TSI EC STRATEGY

“The number 57.9% on the screen, would you like to guess what it means? South Korea is the number one country where 57.9% of Japanese teenage girls are taking fashion references. Even 36.4% of Japanese women in their twenties reference Korean fashion.

That means one in three Japanese women is referencing and enjoying K-fashion. In five to ten years, K-fashion’s influence will grow much more considerably in Japan.”

Hiroyuki Watanabe, Director of TSI EC Strategy

“We began a partnership with Cafe24 and launched our online cross-border store, MORUGI to deliver K-fashion to Japanese consumers.”

Jaesuk Lee, CEO of Cafe24

“Cafe24 is a global success partner that helps anyone with creativity to flourish in international markets. The MORUGI store is the fruit of this vision we have upheld for the past 20 years.”

Hiroyuki Watanabe, Director of TSI EC Strategy

“It is essential that our technological partner fully understands our brand and business. We found that Cafe24 understands our perspective as a brand and continuously works to make improvements. As a result, we were able to welcome many K-brands to our MORUGI store.

TSI greatly supports Cafe24’s vision to help local brands go global.”

Suntae Kim, Global Business Director of Cafe24

“There are many partners in China, Southeast Asia, and English-speaking countries that wish to join Cafe24. Cafe24 will continue to pioneer channeling this year. Our focus will be on channeling sales, advertising, and shipping.

Our ultimate goal is to build an ecosystem where all global partners can participate. We also want to establish a system that allows merchants to sell internationally in the same way that they are selling domestically. We imagine a future where even those with the slightest creativity can operate a global online business.”

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