How Cafe24 defines good talent

In the Age of Plenty, there is a strong need for talent who takes initiative, has good communication skills, and is highly imaginative.

Managing a business often prompts questions like, ‘What is your idea of good talent?’ and ‘What is your talent management strategy?’ That is because it is the inevitable role of the CEO to recognize good talent and provide them with the optimum environment to grow to their highest potential. Needless to say, working with many outstanding people has allowed me to shape my own definition of good talent.

How Cafe24 defines good talent
Cafe24 defines good talent by intuition, communication skills, simulation capabilities, and imagination. Source: gettyimagesbank

Qualifications for talent in the Age of Plenty

Cafe24 looks for talent who are self-driven and takes initiative. We live in a time where intuition is considered more important than knowledge. In the Age of Poverty, goods were made to satisfy basic needs. So there was no problem selling what was made. But today, there is an overabundance of options for goods and services. Each consumer has distinctive and complex needs. Today is the Age of Plenty. The equation to gain new customers has gone beyond just selling goods at low prices and increasing availability. Instead, having a good business model has become crucial to gain customer trust.

Intuition is the main ingredient for building a good business model. Intuition cannot be learned. It is the key characteristic in people with the tendency to take initiative to solve problems on their own rather than depending on others.

The ability to communicate and identify with others is also important. Such characteristics are highly relevant to the current times. The word communication is emphasized in various industries much more than it used to be ten years ago. In the Age of Poverty, the problems that people faced were very simple. But now it is extremely difficult to even define the problem. Every dispute is tangled in complex needs, making it quite easy for people to misunderstand the issue at hand. Good communication skills are vital today in order to read between the lines of people’s hidden needs and pinpoint the exact problem.

Abilities in simulation and a vast imagination are also qualities of good talent. Anyone can do a good job of a task that they have done many times before. But a business’s success or failure is determined by how well they pioneer a new route. Simulation and imagination allow a company paving a new path to charge forward with the skillfulness of one that has trodden that path many times before. The more detailed the simulation, the closer it comes to the actual experience. Meanwhile, imagination provides the resilience needed to move forward. Work always has those moments when you think, “It might have been possible if I had just pushed a little more.” Rich imagination gives the strength to blow past that point.

Why good talent come to Cafe24

How does Cafe24 gather good talent with the aforementioned characteristics? The company works to attract highly-coveted talent by providing a value that is greater than just financial gains.

Cafe24 is especially bent on creating an environment where employees can perform 100%. The company places significant authority in the hands of those with motivation and initiative. Also, high individual flexibility is granted to maintain collective motivation. Upholding its unique workplace environment naturally attracts self-driven individuals.

Cafe24 always strives to be a good company. It has a clear vision and keeps on growing. Cafe24 works to make a corporate culture where everyone can work together. It takes care to minimize unneeded stress that may get in the way of employees’ work and life balance. Such values are reflected in Cafe24’s Leisure Holiday policy that allows employees to take a day off every fourth Friday of the month. Cafe24 believes that becoming a good company attracts good talent and in turn, achieves greater growth. Cafe24 will continue to nurture its excellent corporate culture and policy that attract good talent.

Jaesuk Lee

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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