Cafe24 launches automation service for easier global expansion

Press release

Big data-based capabilities for enhanced product recommendation function
Automation for global store creation, shipping, and exchange rates
International shipping fees up to 40% cheaper than EMS for even a single package

With a single click, merchants can automatically build a business environment necessary for global selling. Korean merchants taking their business into international markets are about to pick up speed.

Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 launched its Global Sales Assistant service that automatically creates and sets stores optimized for each market.

Global Sales Assistant’s key feature is a big data-based recommendation function. The service creates a business environment good for international selling in a matter of clicks. It supports everything from building a multilingual online store, integrating foreign payment systems, setting customs clearance, charging shipping fees, to automatic product pricing based on foreign exchange rates. Also, various store creation and setting processes can be automated, leading to more merchants expanding their businesses to global markets.

Merchants can integrate global courier services to their online store with a single click. Delivery for even one package will offer customs clearance and fast international shipping for fees up to 40% cheaper than EMS shipping.

Global Sales Assistant also enables efficient business operations. These include automatic translations for product descriptions in the local language, store themes that best fit local consumer preferences, and customer support through local experts.

Translation services are available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, and Vietnamese. Spanish and Portuguese will be added soon to drive purchases from South America and Europe.

The rise of contactless business worldwide and increasing demand for Korean products will act as positive stimulants in global business expansion for merchants. Global Sales Assistant is available for all Cafe24 merchants.

Jaesuk Lee, CEO of Cafe24, said, “The coming contactless era is driving more merchants to grow their business to a global scale.” He added, “Cafe24 will continue to provide various services for international selling to support our merchants’ opportunities for success overseas.”


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Cafe24 is a global success platform that provides a one-stop business environment for e-commerce merchants so that they can achieve continued growth by focusing on their creativity. Cafe24 has established an e-commerce ecosystem with 1.8 million Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) merchants and various global partners in areas like payment, shipping, and marketing. Cafe24 is poised for growth as more DTC brands and e-commerce participants continue to join the burgeoning industry.

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