Cafe24 and Nonghyup Agribusiness Group sign MOU to expand online agri-food channels

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Cafe24-Nonghyup opens agri-food online store and dives into live commerce
Farmers gain all-round support to start an online business and go global

Lee Jaesuk, CEO of Cafe24 (Right) and Jang Chul-hoon, President & CEO of Nonghyup Agribusiness Group (Left) take a photo to commemorate MOU signing

Cafe24 is partnering with Nonghyup Agribusiness Group (NHAG) to accelerate the e-commerce sales of Korean agri-food at home and abroad.

Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 announced on September 30 that it signed an MOU with NHAG to encourage more farmers to take their businesses online while creating the optimum environment for agri-food e-commerce.

The goal is to provide Korean farmers with all-round tech and educational support to sell their produce in domestic and international markets. The two companies will drive exports through Cafe24’s global networks and launch digital marketing campaigns via live commerce.

NHAG has already launched various DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) business models on Cafe24’s platform. Its Sing Sing Eum online store sells fresh food sourced from Nonghyup Agricultural Wholesale Center. Meanwhile, its Nonghyup product sourcing open platform focuses on introducing local agri-food to various online sales channels. Going forward, NHAG is also planning to build a store with live commerce at the center of its sales strategy. Cafe24 will also provide NHAG with advanced technology such as AI and big data to further expand its agri-food channels.

The partnership will support online agribusiness entrepreneurship with consulting and education. Cafe24 will support farmers with e-commerce consultants at NHAG’s online regional centers. In turn, NHAG will build a total of 100 centers by 2023 to support agribusiness entrepreneurship. Easy access to systematic education and consulting is expected to lower entry barriers to online businesses for farmers across Korea.

Cafe24 will also pave the way for Korean agri-food exports by leveraging its global marketplace, payment, marketing, and logistics partners. Cafe24 will also co-produce digital content with NHAG regarding various online marketing promotions. The two companies will discover influencers that can effectively introduce Korean produce to international consumers on live commerce platforms.

“Interest in high-quality agri-food is rising in tandem with the Korean Wave,” said Lee Jaesuk, CEO of Cafe24. “Our partnership with NHAG will further expedite online agri-food exports worldwide.”

“Our collaboration with Cafe24 is bringing our support for local cooperatives and farmers’ online businesses into realization,” said Jang Chul-hoon, President & CEO of NHAG. “We will create an optimized online ecosystem where consumers can purchase fresh and safe domestic agri-food products.”

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